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Kivuthi Mbuno was born in Kenya in the year 1947. He is an recognized master of the international art scene. Already in the early years of the 1990s his works were exhibited in very important museums and private galleries in Europe (e.g. Saatchi Collection, London, Germany) and in the United States (Center for African Art, New York).

In the paintings of Kivuthi Mbuno the distinctive chiffres of the art of the African continent are found: a pure and simple lyric, and an enviable ability to face, without some mediation, in an always poetic way, reaching to oneiric, ritual and magic components, the relationship between the I and the world, the I and the others.

The timeless landscapes and horizons (the time is eternally present for the artist), the mythical memories of people (his people, the Wakamba tribe), the scenes of hunting (the legendary "safaris" where the same Mbuno participated as cook) are the subjects in "point of pastel" of an artist who understands well how important it is to guard the world and to speak about the nature (not always benign) not because what is known about it, but because it is loved.

The paintings of Kivuthi Mbuno have been exhibited in Tokyo, Paris, New York, Frankfurt, London, Berlin, Nagoya, Orrieto, Nairobi among many other places.

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